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from Lust in the Dust Coming Soon

A story of love at the end of the world


i will always love you

After a while, it was almost nothing. Waking to the steady red glow of fire everywhere in the beautiful modern house of pale concrete and marble and smooth, clear glass was almost disappointing. Ruby was living in a work of art and some days all she wanted was for it to burn to the ground and put an end to all their waiting. Dawn rose from the horizon, billowing black smoke and Blood sun dripping in an angry red sky. So much was gone. Everything really. Swallowed by smoke and flame. She still didn’t understand why this house didn’t burn. But after days of the blood red dawn, she could not allow hope to flourish.

Hope was ash.

Everything was.

Like stars, everything they could call theirs burst out of existence and still their hearts hummed and hammered like tiny engines and Ruby kissed her


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