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Romance & Self Care: i have learned...

Solitude is my friend, so is her sister silence. I prefer darkness, and the only things I like loud are music or my thoughts. I respect ability, I respect time. If you let them, people will line up to tell you what to do, and a lot of the time even if you don't let them. Not knowing is way more interesting than certainty. Your greatest romance could be with yourself. Systems have beautiful shapes and they will show them to you, most people will never see them. I love to write but I cant spell. Being kind to yourself is difficult but leisure and beauty are ends in them selves and self kindness is a path to both. Pain is valuable. Self care isn't a bubble bath - or it is, but it's also telling yourself the truth, it's seeing in the shadows. Anyone who thinks you can have beauty and truth without pain won't ever have either. Never do anything just because someone else does it, and never do anything just because you are expected to. Transformative experiences can't be predicted or reasoned with.

Being misunderstood is as isolating as an illness,

being in love is as debilitating as a broken bone.


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