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I am free: full of the movement of power, it’s motion. Power establishes patterns. My life is woven with them now. We tell each other secrets every day and everyday secrets, we talk about the difference between tenderness and pain, we speak a steady pattern, cast on, knit and pearl, call and response. Stories talk about love like it is a one way process. A perpetual present...

But love weaves out in all directions, it becomes many strings and lines, diving sky and landscape, past and present, hope and dread. There is so much to say. so much room to fill, so much unknown to unravel, new stories to find in the happening of the every day. stories weave with the stories of others...I fall in love


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I'm always grateful to receive support for my work. Hosting this site, camera equipment, props, travel, all of the work that goes into these creations is valuable and all support goes right back into creating. 

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