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After Hours Garden

volume one

Amidst an atmosphere of pain, service, and eroticism Avalon trains to become a meticulously trained submissive and a powerful part of the orchestra. Trying to live up to the standards of the After Hours Garden as well as those of her trainer and her Maestro she finds herself caught between them.

Lust in the Dust

Anthology /Hollywood 

a hypnagogic examination of despair


nine stories about mythical creatures 

Stories about a Mermaid, Death, a Unicorn, a Werewolf & a 3 part novella about a fallen angel...


limited edition short

A chef with an empty broken heart becomes obsessed with a mermaid


limited edition short

An artist becomes lustfully obsessed with her floral subjects. 

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true stories about the end of marriage
and what happens next

This book collects essays written by divorced writers exploring what led them to divorce, how they lived through it & perhaps most importantly, who they are now that it’s over.