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The Beauty of Tight Binding

a poem

a photo set

all patrons get the password to the full photoset


The black churn of the sea fused my green heart.

I was born to a fate of terrible longings

and cells that attack each other

When my lover chokes me, sometimes,

I vanish and float in black water somewhere else

another place and time

in a massive emptiness.

Sometimes I swim farther, I think, then I could in the moment I am gone.

Only a moment.

Not even a breath

Later, his large slender hands carry me back

to life and bed

he whispers,

I could drown you

In the enormity of my love for you

Love does so much more than frighten me


I am alive and full of colour,

dripping honey and sea-water.

He talks to me in the dark.

Our voices hold secrets,

the fine ropes of long words alive between us

love hoists me into the air like a shark on a hook

something most beautiful

but dangerous,


I am Wild-eyed but calm,


salted and oiled, ready to be eaten

This is what softness looks like

Rope growing slack as two people step closer

Connected and at ease

This is what hardness looks like

One person tied by another

I am a gem on Pain’s cheek,

I kisses his palms, warm from spanking me

Moving through white rumpled bedsheets

he cuts me with a jagged glass of pain and small knife


marks blaze scarlet

and turn to purple fog

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