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Storm Magic

i believe in magic the same way i believe in meditation. imperfectly, with probably too much reason and too little faith to really commit.

but i spend time and feel the stillness of breath, and collect rain water and thread and seal intentions with my spit, a kiss, blowing out a candle. i tell myself stories where doing these things can change the world, i play that power is simple to respect the ways it is not.

It is a struggle to focus on analytic & academic matters when surrounded by water. i use rainy days for daydreaming. Avoid strategizing or making important decisions during a storm, instead i use a storm as time to quietly collect and focus on energy. i move and let my mind wander

To cleanse a working tool or magic object place it out in natural rainfall, this is also true of the self. Walk in rain whenever possible. Thunderstorms amplify all magic. If the storm is sudden or unexpected the magic is stronger. A freak storm or sudden rain call your attention to an important cast, and everything else should take a back seat for at least a few moments while you honour the power of the storm.

Silvered storm water, petals and small leaves tossed in a storm make excellent additions to spells

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