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Updated: Jan 8

a series about sensation & abundance

many of my photos explore a place between discomfort and arousal. I'm trying to create work that is slightly sexually stimulating while also being vaguely unsettling. Within that theme Nourish is all about touch. Touch is a human need required for growth , for us to thrive. It's also something personal, something private.

We are separated form those we most desire by our skin and in this way touch is more than a requirement for life, it becomes a method of pain or pleasure, a way to understand and interpret the emotions and intent of others. In this way touch also contains risk, sometimes it comes wrapped in shame and fear. Nourish explorers this many-faceted experience of touch, how touch - even touching oneself - can simultaneously be thrilling and pleasurable or shameful and scary.

These images try to communicate my thoughts and experiences around the desirability of touch, how it can be both desired and dangerous.

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