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Declarative Object

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

A poem


What am I?

Brutally honest.

Or I will try to be. Perhaps I have better things to be honest about, other concerns, other wolves in the forest. But I can’t bring inspiration to heel, I can’t ask anything of it and writing only works if it’s brutally honest. 

That is also true of submission.

To submit is to say: I think I know what I deserve, and to be honest.

Submission means to make yourself a vessel. To make one’s status equivalent to that of a vessel in an ordinary sense is difficult. Making the self an object involves a lot of complex ideas about the self. A vessel is an object, something hollow like a cup or a bowl, a vase. Sometimes a vessel is something biological, a blood vessel, the vessels in the lung, the gems nestled inside an orange. Always something to receive, that is filled and offered. A vessel receives light, or will. A vessel of gold and silver. 

Through submission, you can turn yourself into something occupied by another’s will. You accept, as an implicit requirement of this desire, that you will be someone of unequal status. Reverence implies status. It is impossible to be an object and declare anything, but as a submissive, I am an object with desire. And I declare them through the submission. To submit means to know your worth, to offer a self as a sign of its value.

To be sexual with domination is not safe.

But, really what are you supposed to do with Love?

( but what is safe anyway? )

( and how is that not a come on? )

Domination renders all other things objects, and thus objectifies completely; submission is just one complicated example. Submission as that practised with permission transforms objectification into a perfect position. 

A divine creature. 

Not a servant.


What is permission if not a way to make unsafe things feel safe,

Even if they aren’t. 

Entering the state of a vessel involves a transition from one world to the next, which requires a token action. Kneeling. Kissing the palms of the hands, swearing an oath. Following a command, something simple: Sit, strip, taste my spit.  To become Love’s vessel means I resolve to meet Love at the level at which Love exists, which implies Love separate from me, elevation, degradation. To submit to Love suggests that Love is dominating. Domination makes the rest of the world fall away, replaces it with something else - itself. A will. A Light. Blood or wine.

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