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After Hours Garden

After Hours Garden was fun to write becuase it's so over the top.

I wanted to write something that was reflective of the level of absurdity and the suspended fantasy of the Kink and BDSM erotica  I read when I was a young fetishist. The Story of O, Emmanuel, The Real Thing, Belle de Jour, Venus in furs, Sleeping Beauty...

It was enjoyable to write something that was so heavy-handed and challenging to have it also *not aware of it* - which is key to writing good sex generally, but much harder in something so laden with tropes. Most of the stories I write are more abstract and less lucid, fewer genre markers, often more fantasy and a lot darker. But After Hours Garden is different. it's a collection of stories about related characters. The characters, who all have ridiculous names and or no names at all,  are nearly perfect beautiful paragons of sexual and musical skill,  they are representations, not of actual real people, but of idealized kink tropes. It's fun without, I hope, being silly.

Or maybe just a little silly.... I kept *almost* releasing this for the last few months, and then not doing it. It's not done, but its also hard to "finish" a story when you write them alone ( but that's another post for another time ). Anyway, it's not more done than any of the other times, but the world is pretty fucking different - so - here is something sexy and sweet and simple The After Hours Garden is about Ava, an oboe player who joins an orchestra that is also part of a secret society. As she explores the inner workings of masochism and music she becomes a point of tension in the Garden, drawing affection and attention from unexpected sources.

Also, hopefully, it's a bit hot.

You can find it here



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