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some quick thoughts on the nature of love & distance in the time Covid

Love is hope.


Hope plays a vital role, a channel for communication...

Hope during traumatic experiences feels like a dream, a foreshadowing. A heightened state of illumination that happens in time of fear, when we are acutely aware of the scope and scale of every action. Everything we touch is a risk, every person a sharp edge. Love offers a new landscape. Through it we are allowed, in times of desolation, to see the rhythms and colours of nature and life intensified, free of dread, vivid and livid. Love is a landscape of consolation.

Love insists on itself. Make it self feel like quintessential work, a fundamental element, conveys a profound sense of immanence, transcendence. The landscape of consolation appears, shimmering with joy like a burning heat. Love, like all acts of creations begins with contemplation. And love, as a counterpoint to the narrative landscape of another, also demands exploration with the contemplative landscape of the self.

In love we find new parts of our selves, new rooms growing from hallways we thought we knew, we could walk in the dark, with our eyes closed, but somehow we find ourselves lost. In love we are invited into ourselves as strangers. Through the body of another we experience our own imaginations, our most private selves painted by the light of another, a landscape.


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